File Jan 02, 11 39 18 PMLos Angeles Makeup Artist Eileen Sandoval

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and growing up in a creative town gave me the opportunity to see many different types of styles and cultures. I was always into beauty, fashion and art, and the ever-changing trends I constantly saw around me helped inspire my talent.  Growing up I always loved to draw,  particularly women’s faces, eyes, and eyebrows as well as clothing. My facination with makeup began in jr. high when I picked up my Uncle Frank’s Kevyn Aucoin “Making Faces” book. His transformations amazed me and I began to search for more of his work. My uncle Frank was a makeup artist and his talent began to inspire me as well.  My first year in college, I decided to major in Fashion Illustration. I took the required courses and loved them but eventually realized that what drew me to fashion the most was the beauty and illustration aspect of it. I wanted to work on runways and for fashion magazines and lucky for me my talents in creating beauty looks has and will allow me to do so. It wasn’t until my friends and family began to rely on me for makeovers and special-event makeup that I realized I found my calling and decided to make a career out of it. I spent all my money buying every book on beauty that Barns and Noble carried as well as magazines like Vogue and of course MAKEUP.

For 9 years I was a self-taught makeup artist; with the tips i learned from all of my books I began practicing on myself and anyone who needed their makeup done.  I also started modeling for a few friends, photographers and small clothing companies. This then opened the doors for me to work on my makeup portfolio with these photographers.  I  later began to attend makeup workshops and seminars (two of my favorite being ones by Celebrity Makeup Artist Scott Barnes and Mario Dedivanovic). My skill and clientele began to grow and eventually I decided to enroll at Make-Up Designory Burbank being certified in the Film & Television program. After more time of working on many different mediums and projects I was eventually led to TNT Agency (a makeup school and Agency founded by Alejandra Barraza) where after working with them for some time and going through their courses, I began to also teach. Working at TNT Agency has been an absolute wonderful experience because of Ale. Her work ethic has been a huge inspiration for me and has taught me to alwyas strive for the best, be confident and never worry. We’ve worked together all over the US during her tour and had many sleepless nights of work during her tour and many events such as the Latin Grammy’s in Miami and the Latin Billboards in Las Vegas to name a few. Being able to be a part of those events have become unforettable memories that I will always cherish. Working alongside someone like Alejandra is such an honor because she truly has amazing talent, a heart of gold that genuinely loves teaching and a passion for her career that keeps her working non stop (even if she’s about to go into labor the next day) with no complaints or worries. So Ale, if you ever read this… Thank you and I love you!

Living in Los Angeles has also allowed me to work with many talented individuals in the film and TV industry as well as print. One of my favorite TV shows I have the pleasure of working on is the e! series Total Divas where i get to glam up all of the WWE Divas. I’ve also worked on music videos, award shows, fashion shows, fitness magazine covers and videos, and in the wedding and fashion industries. They’ve each taught me the importance of collaboration to achieve a result where everyone shines in an extremely fast paced environment. My opportunities have kept me well rounded and experienced in my ability to create a range of desired looks from high fashion edgy makeup, to natural beauty, male grooming, character and special effects makeup. My ability to recognize, acknowledge and implement the needs and expectations of each individual client is what allows me to thrive in a competitive market.

I love being able to lightly freshen and brighten a person’s look as well as completely transform him or her if desired. As a makeup artist I’ve learned to analize faces and figure out what features can be brought to stand out. For me, makeup is about enhancing the beauty that already exists and being able to correct any imperfections. Its about being able to find the beauty in our selves, loving ourselves with imperfections and all, and then being able to highlight our best features. This is what I teach my clients and when they learn to do these things, and feel confident, beautiful and happy, that is the moment when I am truly thankful for my job.  That is what keeps me motivated and doing what I love, I truly cannot imagine pursuing any other career and feeling as fulfilled as I do as a makeup artist.